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Blossom Sisters Dance 

It’s Costume Time! (December  Show 2023)   


Hello everyone…I know it seems like classes have just begun, but a lot of planning goes into our Winter (December)   Recital and it starts with carefully selecting costumes for each class.

This year our December Recital theme is “Blossom Goes to OZ”

Sunday 12/17/23- Showtime: 2pm- New Milford Middle School

In order to get everything ordered and delivered on time, costume fees are due by Oct 6th. Your Costume includes shipping and accessories and can be done in 2 payments of $50.00. Total ($100). The only additional cost is tights which can be purchased at our partner dance store (Beyond the Barre in Westwood, NJ) or Amazon is a good supplier too. Additional Costumes are $75 (f you are in 2 or more classes.

Please Note Our  Costume Compaines had a slight Increase in Price.. 



The week of Oct .11th, dancers will be measured during class time for their costumes. Once they arrive, they will be handed out in class and dancers will be able to take them home along with instructions on the complete style/look, accessories and specific hair instructions.

Purchase Tickets Here!

Costume instructions Dec 2023

Recital Dancers Survival Kit

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