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A Few words from our Clients!
Flor Bates

Aug 11th, 2016


"The Blossom Sisters gave them something to look forward in life. As my girls still love and look forward emotionally  them helped Since I register my girls Samantha and Ashley with the Blossom Sisters in 2014. My girls felt so blessed to have the opportunity to dance because it on going to the studio every week is a blessing to see how happy they are. Thank you Blossom Sisters for becoming a part of our family and for being a good motivation for my girls. God bless you both!"


Terrance Stable Harvey
June, 18th 2016


"Great experience for my child, we will be returning for multiple classes in fall."


Kathy Sermon
September 8th, 2015

"Best ballet school in Bergen County in my opinion! They are professional, trained and caring! They offer much-needed arts program that benefits our children and our community!

Kudos Blossom Dance to a job well done!"

Edilianis Gonzalez

Oct 14, 2014
"Well my experience at blossom is amazing,fun,and you feel like everyone your family there. They will treat you like your there own and you'll really have a blossom experience!!!"


   Alyzae Coleman

Oct 25, 2014

"Ballet is very fun and very beautiful"

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