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Dance Art Therapeutic Services

Dancing in the Light

As dance educators, our work addresses emotional issues, such as anger and depression and related family or life crises in children and adolescents.  Blossom Sisters dance instruction helps with child development while promoting effective coping through creative play and self-expression. Our team uses creative art therapy, music, drama, and dance/movement incorporating creativity through dance expression.

Blossom uses Dancing in the Light as an intervention to support coping, decrease stress, and optimize development. Studies have shown these supportive therapeutic services meet the emotional, social, and developmental needs of children; it allow a child to express themselves through music and dance expression utilizing dance as an outlet to face these challenges.  

Group Therapy Dance Classes

Blossom Sisters Dancing in the Light Therapy program is a 4-16 week increments is a supportive therapy group using dance and movement for self-expression

Our instructors will teach dance through movement; and learn how to bring mindful awareness to your body in order to release stress. students have the opportunity to perform on stage.



Some clients we service are from the following organizations:


Boys & Girls Club of Passaic County
Bergen Family Center
Center of Hope & Safety of Bergen County

Division Of Family Services( DFS)

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