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Blossom Dance Company

Blossom Dance Elite is a repertory dance company is a program for serious dancers who want to take their dance to the next level. This program will give the dance company students opportunity for auditions.  The dancers are required to train in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical,& African Dance. The Company will have the opportunity to perform a variety of community events, Competitions, Tv. Audition, & Modeling,


All Team Members will participate in fundraising events to help raise funds and support our youth programs.

Ages 5-17


The Following teams are:

 The Blossom Sr Dance Company, Blossom Jr Team, & Blossom Petite Dance Team













Auditions Held Sept 2022
All Dancers are Require to take Summer Dance Training Classes
or Previous Dance Experience

Blossom Sr Dance Team Competition 2018

Annual Benefit Concert

June 16th, 2017

Annual Benefit Concert

June 17th 2016

Blossom Dance Team Performing at The MLK Sugarhill Gang Benefit Concert

Hackensack High School 1/8/2016

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