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Program Services:


Blossom Sisters Dream Scholarship Fund

(Grades K-12)


The Blossom Sisters Dream Scholarship Fund supports students in need of tuition assistance. All students must show of a need of assistance. The Dream Fund help Families with Low to Moderate income. This assistance provides dance classes 1-2) of each student’s choice. Transportation if needed can be included in the Scholarship.  A formal application is submitted and tuition assistance is determined based on family size and income. Blossom Sisters Scholarship Fund needs to raise $44,100 annually to continue serving over 100 children to fund need-based scholarships and $10,000 for transportation costs.




Finding Your Wings/Girls Like Us!

Mentoring “Through Dance”

Leadership Program: (Ages 5-17)


A mentoring program that empowers pre-teen and teenage girls ages 5-17 years old through dance education encourages teens to participate in positive activities that build self-esteem, leadership skills and self-confidence such as dance art programs.  Our professional instructors and life coaches will provide mentoring and dance exercises to students that foster self-esteem and confidence while discovering an appreciation of dance arts.  Academic assistance, college prep and exploratory trips will be offered to provide college readiness and cultural arts experience for all participants. The program will be dedicated to learning professional dance instruction from a variety of dance styles as well as mentoring group sessions. The program commences with a dance showcase which allows the students to perform for family and friends. We can customize our program curriculum and length according to your community needs.




Milestones Outreach Afterschool Dance Enrichment Program


Milestones Outreach Dance Enrichment Program (MODE) is an outreach dance residency program offered to inner city schools and youth-serving organizations in New Jersey in an afterschool program setting.  We cater to schools that have a reduced arts education budgets or have lost their arts education programs, due to state budget cuts. Our “mentoring through dance” programs enrich the lives of children through dance art and introduce the wonderful world of dance. The curriculum offers Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop and African Dance and culminates to a performance showcase. The program is designed to encourage and build ethnic diversity by shaping young dancers through proper technique. We can customize our program curriculum and length according to your community needs. Typically, programs are conducted anywhere from 8 weeks to a 9-month school calendar year in order to for students to fully benefit from the dance education program.      

Dancing in the Light

Dance Art Therapeutic Services

As dance educators, our work addresses emotional issues, such as anger and depression, and related family or life crises in children and adolescents.  Blossom Sisters dance instruction helps with child development while promoting effective coping through creative play and self-expression. Our team uses creative art therapy, music, drama, and dance/movement incorporating creativity through dance expression.

Blossom uses Dancing in the Light as an intervention to support coping, decrease stress, and optimize development. Studies have shown these supportive therapeutic services meet the emotional, social, and developmental needs of children; it allow a child to express themselves through music and dance expression utilizing dance as an outlet to face these challenges.  Some clients we service are from the following organizations:








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