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Finding Your Wings (Mentoring Through Dance Program)

Pre-Ballet Mentoring through Dance Enrichment Program ages 5-8 years old introduces the fundamentals of ballet at the beginning and intermediate levels. Includes age-appropriate fun mentoring services to encourage self-discipline, self-esteem, and self-confidence for young girls. Mentoring exercises include Look in The Mirror and Finding My Wings.


Girls Like Us!

Mentoring and Life Coaching 


Girls Like Us (GLU) provides weekly mentorship to girls to help improve communication skills and social behaviors in our youth.  Mentoring creates a caring environment for young people and offers positive role models while connecting them to opportunities in their community. Improved relationships with family and peers. This unique blend of life coaching and mentorship, utilizes dance art as a mechanism for social change.  

The program offers team building and self-esteem building exercises such as “Look in the Mirror” and “The Reason Why I Dance” allows students to express themselves and while bonding with their peers. Life coaching such as Public Speaking, Financial Literacy, Money Management Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, and Health & Wellness will be implemented in the Workshops. Guest speakers are invited to speak on various topics that support the personal and academic development of our youth.

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Help Transform Lives of Young Girls! Join the movement!

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