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(Creative Movement)  

Toddler Ages 2½ - 4½- A 45 minute developmental of basic balance and motor coordination, and rhythm emphasize through dance and music “expression”  containing ballet, and creative movement.  Young dancers will learn the basic steps while learning how to follow direction and imitate movement in a positive environment.



 Ages 5yr -Up

A 60 minute class that allow children to explore creative movement basic movement of pre-ballet and jazz techniques as well as fun rhythm games. Classes are 60 minutes containing ballet and  movement.  The purpose of the class is to introduce young dancers to this style of dance and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment.  Dancers will also learn basic steps within the  world of ballet.




Jazz (Street Jazz) 

Combines many styles and techniques from ethnic and contemporary dance to ballet. Rhythm, upon which all dance forms depend, is particularly jazz dance. The first half of class consists of exercises to stretch and tone muscles to develop support for proper stress-free alignment of the skeletal structure. Using jazz, soul, R&B, ethnic and pop music, jazz classes are a great work-out and a fun way to release tension while attaining a body awareness that can be applied to everyday activities.



Triple Threat Class


A 1.5 hour class ages 8 and up consists of an exciting rhythmic exercise and dance form which is recommended for intermediate to advance students. Students will learn lyrical, hip-hop and jazz techniques in one class. This class prepares students for competitive dance and public performances. This is a Blossom Dance Company class session. 



Contemporary ballet 


Contemporary ballet is a form of dance which incorporates elements of both classical ballet and modern dance. It takes its technique and use of pointework from classical ballet, although it permits a greater range of movement that may not adhere to the strict body lines set forth by schools of ballet technique. Many of its concepts come from the ideas and innovations of 20th century modern dance, including floorwork, balletic movements and andturn-in of the legs.





Soft ballet and jazz dance movements combined with expression. Excellent combination for youngsters that likes to express themselves musically and physically through dance expression.



Hip-Hop/Street Jazz

Our hip-hop class consists from the oldest dance traditions such as breakin', poppin' and lockin’ to the today’s street style dancing as seen in most music videos.  The class will keep your youngster energetic as well as entertained for the entire hour.  Students will learn about the history of hip-hop dance and how it continues to strive and stay alive.



Drama/Theater Dance

This fun class focuses on the elements of voice and dance.  Students will learn basic stage choreography and acting techniques, vocalization, costuming, make-up and set building.  This class will include scenes from some of our favorite Broadway Musicals.  Classes are designed by age groups. 




African Dance

A high energy blend of movement derived from African Dance, Salsa, and Merengue for students to enjoy together. A Fun Way to Learn About The Heritage Through Dance And Music!!





*Classes Are Subject To Change*

 Revise 2015







The following is a guide to help make the most appropriate class placement(s) for each student. Should you have questions about a class or a particular placement, you are encouraged to speak with an instructor at Registration. Blossom Dance Inc. reserves the right to make placements or adjustments based upon experience or ability.




Creative Movement:

Recommended for young students ages 2.5 to 4 with little or no dance experience. This class will develop skills in rhythm, balance, elemental patterning, etc. It is a warm and friendly introduction to dance.



Recommended for 4- to 5-year old who mastered the movement concepts introduced in Creative Movement. This class introduces ballet and modern dance fundamentals.


Ballet I:

Recommended for new ballet dancers ages 6 to 9. Ballet I includes ballet positions, releves, basic traveling patterns and fundamental ballet movements.


Ballet II:

Recommended for dancers ages 7 to 12 who have completed ballet basics and prepared to progress to more advanced ballet movements and patterns. Select Level II students may be eligible, by invitation, for Repertory C.


Ballet III:

Recommended for dancers ages 10 and above who have successfully completed Level II work. This class will begin a more intense study of complex movements. Ballet terminology and precise movement will be emphasized.


Ballet IV:

Recommended for teenage students with little to moderate ballet training. This is a fast-paced class designed to achieve learning at an accelerated rate.




Kids Hip Hop 

This class is pure funk. It is open to dancers who are 6 years or older. Dancers may only take hip-hop if simultaneously registered in and studying ballet or modern.


Hip Hop II

Funk personified. This is for the advanced dancer with extensive technique and prior experience in hip-hop. Dancers must be studying ballet or modern simultaneously.




This is a fun, fast paced class that focuses on body isolations, jumps, leaps and turns. It offers a variety of jazz styles from Broadway to the more earthy movement qualities of modern dance. This class is open to ages 8 years or older.



Pointe I

Students in ballet III and IV may be invited to do Pointe work.


Pointe II:

Students that have had previous training in Pointe may enroll in this class with the instructor’s permission.







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