Building Bridges After School Program



At Blossom Sisters Dance our focus on youth development ensures a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, grow and develop social skills.

This adult supervised program includes games, STEM, STEAM projects, dance and more.

Homework assistance & Tutoring is provided and won't interfere in the activities your child loves to participate in. Healthy Afternoon snacks are provided.


 The After School Program is closed on holidays. 



Times: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm


Late Pick up 6:30 $15


Grades K-6

Homework Help, Tutoring & Academic Program


5 Days a Week $205 per month

3 Days a Week $165 per month



 Tutoring & Academics



5 Days a Week $145 per month

3 Days a Week $120 per month


Program Starts September 2019



The classroom is equipped with computers to support exceptional academic development. Snacks include. Transportation from student school districts is available. Students are engaged in an exciting array of dance educational activities taught by Professional Dance teachers, counselors, mentors and tutors. Our curriculum is designed to enhance study habits, improve core competencies in reading, writing, and math, promote positive social and emotional skills, teach communication and literacy skills, introduce financial literacy and STEM concepts, and promote good health and nutrition.

Each student will have a set schedule



Homework and Tutoring assistance

Academics- English, Reading, Spanish & Math Lab

STEM and STEAM curriculum



Weekly Mentoring Group Sessions

Computer Lab (Media Center)


Transportation Services (Based on School location and availability)

$30 per month





Afterschool Schedule